A little Jester

I did my chores first thing this morning, changed the beds and the towels, which should make life easier for JJ next week when he's in charge.

Then I took myself off for a walk to see what orchids were out in the parkland and I was delighted to see several of these Bee Orchids, which always make me chuckle.  Last year they were mown down by a neighbour who cuts a swathe of grass at the back of his property in order to use a back gate to take his dogs for a walk.  He shouldn't do this as it's not his land but he's actually created quite a different habitat from the rest of the park.  I did send him a cheeky email pointing out what he'd done but am pleased to see there are now more of these orchids than ever.

My old camera doesn't take such sharp shots but I'm quite pleased with it, considering I also forgot to take my glasses with me.

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