a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Uncertain World

Abstract Thursday: The Big Picture

I thought I would try something different for youoregon1's Abstract Thursday this week - given the title "The Big Picture".   

Partially inspired by one of his recent shots, this is a composite of lots of shots of the same thing taken at different perspectives etc and then combined, to try to give you a bigger picture whilst retaining a sense of the original image.  In a way it is a sort of cubist approach to the challenge I suppose.

So there you go, two for the price of one, subject matter and technique adopting a big picture approach.

Taking it easy with a bit of a break yesterday seems to have helped the funny eyesight issue - although strangely I seem to have squares  in front of my eyes just at present ...

Speaking of which, there's a migraine inspired surreal blip as an extra.

I am away in Belfast this weekend at a friend's stag do, so I suspect that I may end well up having to back blip for a couple of days, we shall see.

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