DIY gherkin in the bud

We had to get up very, very early today to get me to the hospital in Vilvoorde at 7am to have an MRI on my knee, finally ! I've not been going on about it because there was nothing anybody could do about it anyway, but these past three weeks back home while very slowly and gradually the pain got a little less I've still been only able to walk for maybe ten minutes and dared to drive if it wouldn't take more than half an hour. Now the MRI's done and next Friday I'll hear from the consultant what he proposes to do with my knee. Fingers crossed it will be swift and successful. When the MRI was done we continued to Holland, where I found that this gherkin seedling from a package (our first venture into a kitchen garden) has not only formed a flowerbud or three, but has also managed to attach itself to the blinds. I thought this double DIY (ours for the sowing and its for the tendril attaching) could qualify for Bikerbear's DIY twist for today's Flower Friday. Thank you , Anni, for your hosting and setting us little twists !

And thank you very much for the comments and stars and even a fave for yesterday's mosaic poppy.

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