Flower Friday - Stock

Our wonderful Flower Friday (FF) host, BikerBear, suggested that we may like to take a flower photo with the "twist" of "D.I.Y" this week. I'm afraid I failed to think of a good way of representing this...

However BikerBear graciously allows us to take regular flower shots too for her FF challenge. This morning I bought MrsC (my long-suffering Blip Editor-in-Chief) a bunch of white stock. This was partly as a reward for being such a good sport and putting up with my blipmania (indeed, encouraging and often supplying the inspiration for it) - but also just because I like buying her flowers for being who she is   ;-))

This shot was taken against the light in a window, so the green background is from the lawn outside the window. Being photographed against the light made the flowers themselves a bit dark so this is a manually-blended "HDR" photo from three bracketed exposures. I rather like the glow it gives to the flowers.

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