Our First Flag

We have a pond in the bottom corner of our garden, more like a three foot hole filled in with water. It boasts tadpoles and Len has seen frogs. I've only seen dead ones lying at the shallow end. They might have been toads. They were brown.

Naturally, I bought some marginal water plants, including this yellow flag. After two years, it has thrust itself upwards, majestically, and produced this beautiful flower. I took the photo with my long lens from the edge of the patio, as It continues to rain and the grass is sodden.

Eye test concluded this morning and I've opted to have custom reading glasses made using the frames of my old varifocals. The varifocals don't work for me, and off the shelf glasses get to be uncomfortable to use for reading after a short time.

Then to Leicester to buy some picture frames for my wedding photo at John Lewis. I remember their picture frame department as being stocked full, but when I came to look, there were only two frames that I felt I liked.

The man on the gantry over the M1 finally came down just after 4 pm so traffic is now flowing more smoothly.

Home and had to trim the photos to fit in the frames. They look OK. I just wish I could have done more to scan the original photo at a better resolution. But then, I don't know the quality of the camera that originally took it. More than good enough for 6 x 4 prints. Not so great at 8 x 10.

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