An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

First World Problems...

Had a wander in the garden before the rain came on but it was colder than I realised so didn't hang about.  Just as well as two minutes after I got back inside the rain came on.

Alan was a lazy bones again today and didn't get out of bed till midday!  He's in for a rude awakening tomorrow as he'll need to be up and out sharp as he's getting a new bandage on his finger.

He went out this afternoon with Ed and Karen.  I'm not sure where they ended up but apparently the sun was shining and they had a lovely walk.  No sunshine here.  No builders either.  I get frustrated when they're not here as I just know they'll be working long hours to get the job finished on time and I'll be thinking about all the hours missed at the start (of course there could be a perfectly good reason they're not here today but I'm impatient :-)

I've spent a chunk of the afternoon trying to decide on whether to go for light or dark worktops in the new kitchen.  We had settled on dark till David saw a kitchen he liked on TV a couple of weeks ago that had light worktops and preferred it.

There's a graphic of our new kitchen layout in extras so feel free to give me your opinion.   Ignore the floor, we're putting stone tiles down.   The units will definitely be off white or pale cream with the island being painted a slightly different shade (pale grey if the rest of the kitchen is white.)  I've also included two pics in extras of the two different looks I found online to give a better idea of what we're thinking.

We're visiting the tile showroom tomorrow to see sample tiles for the pool and for the kitchen and garden room floor then on Saturday we have to choose the paint for the kitchen cupboard doors.  

We won't be doing this again so I feel much pressure to get it right.  Can't afford to get it wrong.

I think a discussion with D this evening and a wee G&T might help clear my mind.  And your thoughts of course :))

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