Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Mochos Night

Late evening we had a walk around Mochos village, down alleyways and avenues taking in the sights and sounds of this old village. The stars were easy to see due to the lack of any cloud cover and light pollution.

I quite like the Blip pciture of a man and his son walking down the lane. I know that as they walked towards us. We got home late and got up late as well - luckily breakfast is served until 11am.

About 4pm in theafternoon w e walked into the adjoining village of Piskiapiano and found a bar that was showing the England V Wales match. I normally support England but went with Wales who put up a good showing, losing 2-1 in the last seconds of the match. Their first goal looked offside to me! The Blip picture shows the bar and Gareth Bale scoring from his amazing free kick.

Wide Angle Wednesday Challenge.

I apologise for the late posting but I'm on holiday and it can be hard finding time! 40 entries this week (the highest ever - Thanks ALL) and a very high standard of entries for widwed32 tag with theme 'numbers'.

My choices in order of preference are:

1.  Hanulli                    micro men cleaning her house number 34!
2.  Lizellen                   Three time pieces side by side
3.  Houseonahill6          Birds in a row
4.  Tiebreaker                     Numbers in a row
5.  Beachcomber       Graffiti (lucky 13)

Honourable Mention:

a) Hesscat                  Rail Station Info Board
b) 60plus                    Iron mongers
c) ISBI                          Petrol station

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