Circling over the fields rather like angels of death - a bit vulture like! A day of high drama in every way here at Hillyblips Lodge!

Hubs came towards me this morning saying we'd lost the chickens!!!! What!?

Safely locked away in their coop last night all was well. However we didn't bank on rogue fox tunnelling like he was in Colditz to get to a free take-a -way last night. Bummer. The floor was littered with feathers but I still counted 5 chickens just 1 missing.Thankfully!!!!  Sods law isn't it?! Gladys!!!!!!! I can barely type this without filling up. Fair play to him he must have worked f******** hard to have got his meal. I hope it poisons him. However the problem is what to do tonight! We've put slabs of stone all way round the edges and can do no more. I've been cooped up all day and so have the chickens in both coops - all of us scratching to get OUT! 

Saw the buzzards circling dropping lower and lower into our field but no it was just a baby rabbit they were after along with the crows and 2 magpie families. I had this horrid thought it might have been a chicken.

Moving on. The alarm went next door and they were being burgled. I saw the car speed away past our house and hobbled round on my crutches to see and do what I could. Skidding round the back as it's gravel, a whole window had been taken out. Dealing with Police then for the remainder of the afternoon. This is a very shortened version :)) 

Now having a glass of wine!

Happy Friday!

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