A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

St Ives Golf Course

Made it to the early walk this morning, a circuit of the St Ives Estate as usual on Thursday mornings.

This is the first green as we walk down past the club house. I normally only photograph this when there has been a heavy dew or frost with early sun casting stripes or shadows. Too much cloud this morning, though it was very warm, but it made me look more closely at the trees themselves. I think they have very nice shapes.

Arriving at Coppice Pond the first wildlife spotted were tiny, tiny frogs trying to negotiate the path. A lot hadn't made it I'm afraid. The Canada Geese were there with their two broods of goslings, 5 and 6 respectively with the older ones starting to show their adult feathers. Two weeks since my last sighting they continue to keep them safe. Lots of Coots, some now independent and some still on the nest and finally, at the feeding station, two new broods of ducklings.

As usual the ducklings were darting everywhere though one mum was doing her best to corale them. Little chance of a photo.

See extra for the goslings

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