Jumping over Cookie

What a night! Thunder and lightning from 8 pm to 7 am. Heavy rain almost all night. The bad weather kept us all awake. But at least the boys are not afraid of thunder, so they coped ok. 

After only a couple of hours sleep, it was time for a busy day at work. And then off to meet Helle for some dog training.

It has been so hot today - about 30 degrees C. Helle and I trained indoor in Helle's training hall, which was a bit cooler - but still very very hot. The dogs worked well despite the warm weather though. 

This is Biscuit jumping over his friend Cookie. Just a bit of fun with the old boys (both 11 years old).

I had dinner with Helle and Anders before going home. 

I hope it will cool a bit before bedtime, but it looks like it will be another hot night.

It was a shock to wake up to the result from England. I had really hoped that the UK had decided to stay.

Happy Weekend Blipland
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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