Words Fail Me

Try as I might I can't come up with a title for this that doesn't involve the words What the fuck have we done and how can people be so stupid?
I understand that 52% of the population disagree with me but I only know four of them and I clearly live in a little bubble surrounded by like minded people because I genuinely thought it was going to be OK. We were going to make the sensible - moral, humane and ethical  - choice.
I hadn't realised quite how much I wanted to remain in the EU until I sat and watched BBC1 in stunned disbelief at 4 o'clock this morning. I feel like the next ten years are going to be written off. Just when we'd got back on our feet. Chaos, instability, division, the anger and disillusionment when the leavers realise that the UK government is not able to deliver on any of the promises and claims they made during the travesty of a campaign, the break up of the UK, fragmentation in Europe, isolation, bigotry, mistrust, recession......
Just as my children grow up. 
The Baby Boomers have had their protest vote. Righted the wrong done in 1975 when they were misled. Like they haven't been misled this time!! Did they bother to do any research this time or just vote with their guts. What do their guts know about the world my children will have to spend their lives in? Who has to spend longer with the consequences of their actions?
And as for the people that think immigration will stop overnight (and that this is a good thing!) and the NHS will have £350 million a week poured into it. Well they deserve all the disappointment that's coming their way.

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