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AFL is a type of Aussie football. It is very popular in Victoria and now Sydney has two teams. Tonight I went to my first game at the Spotless Stadium at Sydney Olympic Park. It is good to see the Olympic venues being put to good use. In the main complex they had a league or rugby game happening. The teams are able to score 6 points by kicking the ball in between the goal posts and if they get them in the side areas they get one point. I had to keep asking questions to work out what was happening but it was quite entertaining.

We lost. Oh well, there is always the next time. Carlton played Greater Western Sydney. Their team names are the Blues and the Giants.

We dropped Tom off at the Resort ( boarding kennel... Don't tell Tom). He was very excited. He will be very excited to be picked up tomorrow. Then set off through the snow covered Blue Mountains. We went pretty slowly but unfortunately everyone did not follow our example. We had to sit in the zero temperature for an hour while they pulled the smashed vehicles off the road making us run a bit late for our meet up with the family. We sort of miscalculated the timing so had to leave our car at our son in laws brothers house and catch a taxi to our motel ( without our bags...) we are staying in a really old house which has been converted to a Bed and breakfast. Very flash. It is toasty warm. We just have to wear today's clothes again tomorrow.....

Do you realise it is Six months until Christmas.....?

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