Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Another Rainy Day

We haven't done a lot today. After Mrs BB did her 1.5 mile swim and had her hair done, she was happy to stay in and read her romantic novels.

I didn't have a lot of inclination to go out either. As I looked out of the bedroom window at the rain belting down I saw this oil slick, probably from next doors leaky Mitsubishi 4x4 L200 truck, being washed down the drain outside our house. Goodness knows what the neighbours think of seeing me, out in the rain, with a camera pointing down a drain - but I'm an artist creating art and artists do these type of things; don't they?

Anyway, the result is the only photo I took today!

Wide Angle Wednesday challange:

Here are the tags and themes for the coming weeks. If you can't find a theme then you are more than welcome to submit any wide angle. Just have a go!

29 June (tag 'widwed34') any plus theme of 'glass'
6   July   (tag 'widwed35') any plus theme of 'reflections'
13 July   (tag 'widwed36') any plus theme of 'nature'

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