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By arkensielphoto

Upper Reaches of the River Cam

This morning I walked to our GP’s surgery with my husband so that he could collect a form to have an x-ray on his right knee; this x-ray has now been arranged at Addenbrookes for Thursday 7 July. On the way to the surgery I took several pictures and almost blipped a train which conveniently travelled through the station at the time I was crossing the bridge.
Instead, today’s picture, which I have blipped before, is of a short section of part of the Upper Reaches of the River Cam, which can now be easily seen as the surrounding overgrown vegetation and some of the tress have been cut. It flows from about six miles South of our village and not far from our home, through to Cambridge and then travels on, in a North-easterly direction, until it joins the River Great Ouse just South of Ely, which then connects the Cam to the sea at King’s Lynn in Norfolk.

It has been a day of sunshine and showers, but not particularly cold.

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