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By arkensielphoto

Rose of Sharon

Or another name for it is St John’s Wort.
We went into Cambridge town this morning and this was meant to be a brief visit before going over to the Beehive Centre to look at garden loungers for our balcony; all did not go to plan!
While we were drinking coffee in the second café we visited, our daughter telephoned. She was over at the Beehive Centre in the Maplins shop, but the item she wanted was only available in the Maplins in town; would we collect it from the town shop for her? Once we had collected it we decided to take it immediately to the new offices and clinic and after a tour of the premises, which are not far from Scotsdales, we went to Scotsdales for lunch. We could not decide whether to then go back to the Beehive Centre, but the garden loungers can wait, so we came home.

Today’s picture is of one of the flowers on one of our Rose of Sharon bushes covered in small black beetles; we have several clumps, but this one is the only one with flowers on it so far this year.

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