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Rhapsody in Blue

As my husband had another lunchtime appointment at Addenbrookes hospital, we decided that breakfast in Scotsdales Garden Centre would be a good idea; it was excellent. On 9 June 2015, my picture for that day was of some Roses I had seen elsewhere and these were identified by Annieone, as Rhapsody in Blue. I decided that when I went to Scotsdales again I would see if they had any; they did.
Today’s picture is of some of the flowers, from my new Rose bush, they are fully open and it needs deadheading, but there are also lots of buds. These appear to be a deeper mauve rather than blue; due to being grown in different soil I wonder?
Once home this afternoon, despite the heat I went into the garden to refill all the animal and bird water bowls, including the birdbath and the small pond. I also sorted out and filled all the bird and squirrel feeders, which were all empty. We have a female Great Spotted Woodpecker in the garden (also a Green Woodpecker) and I am hoping that there might be some juveniles on the feeders before too long. 

My extra picture today is of an Iris, nothing spectacular, about this one you might think. However, I have lived here for almost thirty years and every year this bunch of green leaves appeared. I though it was a Lily, but today discovered that it had flowers and that it was an Iris. I might blip it later in the week, but decided that I would include it today, in case the deer eat it overnight!

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