Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

For heaven's sake man, go! *

That is what I feel like saying to June - it's been a dismal month, wet, cool and stormy,  and not like summer at all. It's also the month of great political upheaval where Great Britain became Little England, and I have had enough of it, so in the words of David Cameron, it can now go and hopefully July will bring us brighter days.

More dramas today on the political front, this really is becoming rather entertaining. A leaked email, Boris pulling out of the Tory leader race, and Gove now standing as a candidate after saying he wouldn't. I had a chuckle at a Tory member this morning on the news referring to Boris as 'Brutus' for stabling Cameron in the back - and to what end, it has all gone pear shaped for him now. But it's looking good for Theresa May...

* this is what David Cameron told Corbyn in parliament yesterday as he refuses to resign despite a mass walkout and vote of no confidence by his MP's. This will probably become a new catchphrase, along with newly coined words like Branxiety, Brexhaustion...

Tomorrow, 1st July, is the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme, and so at 7.30am, the time when those poor soldiers climbed out of the trenches to go into a battle that lasted 141 days and where 19 240 British soldiers died, we are having a Commemoration Service at the boy's school. It was one of the bloodiest battles of WWI and the school lost 415 boys in that war, about half of whom were aged 24 years and under. The service will be held outside in the Garden of Remembrance so I hope it does not rain!

An early morning shot of our garden after the rain....

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