Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Portrait of Irritation

Hubs picked today's blip - of a female Red-bellied woodpecker with her feathers slightly raised in irritation.  She was making her way to the suet feeder and the titmice kids were apparently getting on her nerves with all their squealing and carrying on.  Of the two pairs of RB woodpeckers who are currently feeding their own kids, this one is the dominant female.  She has more color than the second female and I wonder if perhaps the second might be one of her offspring from last year.  Idle thoughts.  I cropped this, but no other edits - the light this morning was perfect.

My second choice today was a hummingbird in full fight mode.  There are definitely going to be some hummer shots in the weeks ahead as our backyard is now abuzz with the little fighters.  This morning there were five swarming around one feeder, chattering and carrying on like a bunch of furious bees.  

Hubs and I are headed to upstate NY shortly to spend the afternoon/night with some friends. We'll be back tomorrow, but it will be nice to have a little getaway.  This kicks off the US' Independence Day weekend.


PS:  Thank you so very much for the kind comments on my Indigo bunting - that was a special shot for me as it is the first shot I've ever gotten of this bird that I'm pleased with.  

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