Fountain Silhouette

The light was definitely more from on high than behind, but if I'd waited for the sun to drop then the trees would have completely shaded the fountain.  The light in the water droplets was superb so I captured what i could.  

I was coming away from a hard day at Waddesdon Manor.  The weather had been glorious and I was on the  Main Door, so greeting visitors as they arrived and taking bags and water bottles from them.  It was busy! On a wet day we have wet umbrellas but today it was picnics.  It's all fun though and everyone was in a buoyant mood and just pleased to see some sun.

We had the excitement of a swarm of bees quite close to the House.  Bee Keepers were called to deal with this and with two of them suited up and tackling the, by then, stationary swarm, it looked like a scene from ET or something from outer space.

I was very tired by the time I got home so sat down with a cup of tea and my latest good book.  Now onto Book 2 by a newly discovered author, Dave Sivers - one of those 'just can't put it down' books!  Not good, as I get nothing else done!!!

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