By ciorstain

Update on Demolition Site

Although I was up quite late last night, I got up reasonably early.
Neil was staying over with his Poker friends, so there was nothing warm and cosy to keep me in bed.
Plan was to finish the Stockholm pictures and I started right away.
at 11 I set off to Blochairn to get our weekly egg supply and thought I will have a look in Springburn, how far they are with the demolition of the 2 high rises. 
The first one is almost gone and the have started already with the second one. This is the first one on April 3rd. They did take their time. But now they have already started with the second one.
It is a huge destruction site and fences are everywhere and it is hard to get a good shot apart from through the fence.
After that I continued with Stockholm and finished when Neil came home.
He was not too bad and we went later for a short walk together.
The rest of the evening was relaxed.
We should start packing for Berlin next week, but only started "thinking" of it :)

The blip is taken through the fence, therefore the visible shadows.

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