Life through the lens...

By ValC

Look on the bright side.

Its over.
A day I have been dreading for quite a while.
Waiting for me back home was a beautiful bouquet of flowers, with a sunflower in the centre.      I love you Mr C.

Not a major op. but one done under a local anaesthetic to remove a skin cancer from my nose. ( Basal Cell Carcinoma)
Required a skin graft, taken from my neck'

Just glad it is all over.
Hardest job is remembering not to put my head down, and also I can't wear my glasses yet, so forgive lack of comments for a few days.
( finding it  a bit difficult writing this)

Many thanks to all the staff and doctors at Staincilffe/Dewsbury Hospital for all their care , attention and kindness, especially the nurse who told me to squeeze her hand when they were putting the anaesthetic in my neck and nose.

Feeling much better after that glass of red wine!

There is an extra shot , taken by MrC, for anyone who is interested..

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