Sridhar and Cameron on the Ridgeway at Hackpen

Camilla and Sridhar invited me to join them today on a trip to see a crop circle which their visiting friend Cameron was keen to see in person. He is flying home to Florida tomorrow morning so this was the last chance. We chose a recently sighted circle close to Hackpen Hill beside the Berkshire Ridgeway just south of Swindon.

The weather started in a bright  fashion but darkened progressively and throughout the afternoon it always seemed as if it would rain at any second. The clouds were hanging low although the winds were chasing them across the sky at some speed. It created a moody scene as we walked slowly along the very ancient Ridgeway towards the crop circle in the field of wheat lying between two copses.  The views from the high vantage point of the Ridgeway out across the low lying landscape beyond were captivating. People have been walking these tracks for 6000 years according to the information boards at the parking area.

I am not one for seeing the circles as some great creation by unknown forces, but do regard them as rather fine works of art. This particular circle appears to show two sharks chasing each other in a circle. I once was an invigilator at the first crop circle hoaxing competition held at West Wycombe in the early 1990s. Those contestants had from 10pm until dawn to create their circles in fixed allocated spaces on the fields. A few results were fantastic and convincing, but most didn't pass muster, I'm afraid.  Today's one didn't impress me very much.

My blip picture shows Cameron and Sridhar nearing to entrance to the field where a man in a van from a Crop Circle organisation informs visitors about the formation and some history of crop circles. The entry fee apparently goes part to a local Cancer Charity which is supported by the farmer.

I really liked being around there with the wind whistling by and the sound of German and French voices mingling with many English ones. Skylarks took off from the fields close by to add their joyful singing to the occasion. I tried to film a couple of them as they flew inches above the wheat and barley crops, but to no avail today. Maybe another time. 

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