Ranth mounting his exhibition of Rock Art 1966-69

I had to visit Lansdown Hall and Gallery this afternoon to prepare for a meeting of the Town Council's Working Group which oversees the development of the building. The Council bought it in 2010 and ever since then I chaired the working group until I left the council last year. I still act as an advisor so wanted to see the latest improvements which were all instigated whilst I was chair.

Jeremy, who runs the community trust who are the building's tenants, took me into the ground floor gallery where Ranth was mounting its next exhibition with his son Dayal and his partner Christine. They are showing Ranth's collection of classic concert posters from San Francsisco, under the title 'Rock Art – the psychedelic years 1966 – 1969'

I really enjoyed chatting with them about the musicians and bands featured as well as music in general. I shall definitely return to look at each poster in more detail. I grew up listening to most of these artists and have actually seen many of them playing live, although not in San Francisco.

I can't show any "Extra photos' which is a shame as I'd definitely like to have shown some in more detail.  But I wanted to show Ranth mischievously holding up this poster titled 'The Acid Age', featuring the Jefferson Airplane, although I think it is an advert for an exhibition rather than a concert poster.

If you get the chance and live locally do go and see this quite unique collection. It is only open from Thursday 6th July until Saturday 8th July.

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