Final choice

One of those days when you seem to have lots of little jobs to do that all add up to a busy day.
Lots are the sort of jobs that are not urgent but are nagging away in the back of your mind.
So l decided l'd just quickly photograph something that caught my eye in the garden publish it then get out the 'to do' list.
Well two hours later l've just uploaded today's entry.!
Enjoyed taking lots and lots of flowers, buds and insects shots, so much so l couldn't decide what to put on.
One of the advantages of growing lots of my plants in pots is that you can move the pots into different light to photograph them.
Finally opted for the Astrantia because it's not a big show off flower just a little unassuming plant that like all others provides beautiful surprises on closer inspection.
Is this wasting time or just indulging in what you enjoy?
Bit of both really!

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