My turn to try some DIY

Ok, not on the same scale as building a conservatory, but I did have to use a hammer and a screwdriver, and for the first time in my life (i think) I bought myself some nails!

Up not early and at work by 8.30. Still not feeling great. I can't put my finger on it, I just feel so tired. My head aches a bit, but I did a reasonable days work, just getting out at lunchtime to a little hardware tardis close to my offices, in the centre of Norwich, to buy my nails. It had everything you could imagine an old fashioned hardware shop should stock, and more. 

I didn't get home until gone 6, but Mollie had cooked a lovely chilli which she was dishing up as I walked in. Jon arrived shortly after me. 

After dinner, I got down to pinning the new fabric on to the top of the ottoman. I am very pleased with the result. I have enough fabric to cover the piano stool too, as the plan is for that to move into the conservatory once we have a proper floor down. Then maybe a cushion or two for the sofa.

The others are watching the football, but it doesn't sound like it is going Wales' way. Oh well.

I am looking at doing my own 'Alteration challenge' on a couple of Mollie's skimpy tops. She put them in the charity bag because she says they are too short, so I'm going to merge them, to make one longer top! But not today. I am going to do a bit of internet surfing before I go to bed.

My extra photo is the finished ottoman, plus a lovely one of Ralph who was at my feet the whole time I was hammering!

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