Alteration challenge!

An early start as I took Dan into Norwich with me today. We left at 7.20. He was due to catch a variety of trains, ultimately taking him to a friend from Uni's near Southampton for the weekend. I know he is nearly 21, but I still made him text me when he got there!

At lunchtime I took a long walk to Halfords on the ring road, where I bought car stuff for our holiday - those stickers that make your headlights shine the other way, plus breathalysers. They are a requirement when driving in France.

I had a chat to the man at the Honda garage, although I did say to him I wasn't buying, just looking. Then I was quite late getting back and had to walk briskly to be there by 2pm.

I left work at5.45 after doing my locking up and turning out the lights duties. Home at 6.45, Mollie had made a sausage casserole. I don't think I've cooked since the weekend.

Here is Mollie gingerly taking on my sewing machine to merge her two tops. It has worked well, but she didn't want a photo wearing it. A good bit of recycling, and practice sewing. I'll get her making her own clothes before long!

Not done much else. The evening has flown. Off to bed now!

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