Today has been a very warm one. I had a short lunch break where I bought an overnight bag in a sale. £11.99 was a bargain.

The rest of the afternoon flew, and at 4 I was out the door, and on the road to Linton. My final decision last night had been to catch up with a couple of Linton friends tonight. So first stop Alan and Rachel's who were actually enjoying a pint in the Dog & Duck. So after a quick chat with the lovely Charlotte, I joined them at the pub. It was a lovely hour, chatting down by the river, then we walked up to see Esme at the village hall. There I was persuaded to put on my tap shoes, which live in my car, and enjoyed a hot half hour muddling through with a bit of tapping!

From there I drove to Claire's. We have had such a nice catch up, plus a nice pizza and salad, then a walk around the park as the light was fading. Gracie and Claire posed on the bridge where I used to walk with my two babies back in the late 90's.

Squeezing in my blip just before midnight. Claire is kindly providing space for my sleeping bag tonight. Thank you. It's been lovely xx

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