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By walkingMarj

Last day in Austria

Today dawned sunny and fine with layers of mist low around the mountains. This soon burned off and was replaced by a heat haze.

Like most people, I finished packing, vacated my room and had a walk around the village.

I bought a light weight jacket in a super outdoor shop and left it until I returned later. By 1150 I was back at the hotel to see Angela and Suzanne before they left. Their flight was earlier than ours.

At 1200 by my watch I returned to the shop AND IT WAS CLOSED! It was not only closed but no one responded to my frantic pounding on the doors. Closed until 1430, by which time we were well on our way to Munich.

So far there has been no response to an email I sent either. (Thankfully, "not many dead" but a proper nuisance nonetheless.)

My journey today was smooth if tiring. It was coach to Munich, plane to Manchester, train to Manchester Picadilly and taxi to hotel. I could have slept much earlier but have been waiting to hear result of the North East Tourism awards. We lost and Bamburgh Castle won. Never mind, we did well yo get so far.

My image of St Francis was taken in Ehrwald this morning.

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