Gee Gees Blipmeet

You don't know what you missed!!!!

You should have been there!!!!!

We had a great afternoon at the Stratford Races Blipmeet organised most successfully by Loosecanon - thank you Peter!

We got incredibly close to the horses (OK, we had to attack the nettles first)  and we all enjoyed the challenge of capturing a bit of the action and the atmosphere!  My particular challenge was that I forgot to put my camera bag in the car so had to resort to the camera phone.  I got lots of shots with various bits of horses or no horses at all, but I really like this one because it nearly captures the moment one of the jockeys parted company with his horse and shows just how close he was to the other horses as he headed towards the ground.  Two of them came off at that point - you can see them in the extra.  Thank you Loosecanon, Technophobe, Lozarithm, Coffeepotter, Clive, Rob and Margaret for your company.

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