Itsy bitsy spider

Back to school today. It went pretty well, I thought. I was smiling all day, so that's something, at least!

Little Miss had a crick in her neck this morning, but was up as quickly as she could be, considering her soreness. Always a bonus!

The kids were excited to be back together and it was a bit like herding cats at some points, but not too bad.

Then a quick session at the gym with SH, before racing home to walk Cousteau before dark. I found some interesting leaves on our walk, which I brought home to photograph. As I was readying my camera, I spotted a teeny itsy little spider crawling out of them. It was almost translucent and was quite cute in a scary, spidery sort of a way! Of course, I was fine while it was posing for me, but as soon as it moved, Mr B had to remove it and release it to the safety of the garden.

No spiders were harmed in the making of this blip!

Night all.


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