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Recently I have been reflecting on the importance of creating and maintaining connections with my family, friends, and even people I've never met. Today I have shared some of my thoughts on my blog and here on Blipfoto. There is a subtext to this post that should resonate with dedicated Blippers, but I hope many others, not just Blippers, will find that it strikes  a chord with you. 

Making connections while walking the trails
For me, one of the most important things I can do as a human being and as one who walks the Christ path, is to make connections with other people. One of the biggest joys I find in my regular trail walks is the people I have met along the trail. I love nature and I enjoy photography, but my trail walks have become a wonderful way to connect with other people who also enjoy spending time outdoors along the trails. 

Making connections for a cause
Today's blip of a small white paper bag is special because I took it on Saturday evening when I attended the Relay for Life luminaria ceremony. Many people, connected in their cause to find a cure for  cancer, participate in the Relay for Life to raise money and awareness of the need to fight this dreadful disease that affects a countless number of lives each year. I attended Saturday's event because a team from our church  and many of their friends were participating in the Relay. Some are cancer survivors and others participate because they have lost loved ones to cancer and want to do something to help conquer cancer. The little bag in the picture is in memory of Barb Schneider, a member of our church, a teacher, wife, mother, and special friend of many, who left us too soon because of cancer. Some of her friends formed a team called "Team Barb" in her honor, and every year they are a very visible presence at the Relay, remembering Barb and supporting the cause of fight back against cancer. They are connected for a cause.

Making connections through photography
I am a photographer, not a professional, just an enthusiastic amateur who considers photography something that adds great value to my life. Because of photography, I spend a lot of time outdoors, enjoying nature, getting exercise, and soaking up Vitamin D. Because of photography, I have learned new skills that challenge me and keep my brain active. Because of photography, I have been able to create connections that wouldn't have happened if I weren't carrying a camera.  Most recently, just this weekend in fact, I have used my camera and my computer to create connections between a woman in Massachusetts, a Viking from Sweden, and possibly others who read my blog post about the Tall Ships. I hope you will click the link and become connected too.

There's more...
In no way is this the sum total of what I have to say about connecting. There's still the important topics of family connections, connecting with old friends, connecting in our church family and more. But those will have to be topics for another day. If you have any thoughts of your own to add (now or later), feel free to leave a comment. Commenting on blogs is another good way to connect.

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