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Kalle...a special Friday Face for Betsey (Just Be)

Hi Betsey. Six weeks ago you posted a Blip about your "Viking nephew" Kalle. You said then that he would be working with the Draken Harald Harfagre, a Viking tall ship that would shortly set sail across the north Atlantic for Expedition America 2016. At the time I made a mental note to look it up because our location on Lake Erie made it very likely that the Draken would come within a few miles of our home. I've been following their voyage online, and today, we drove out to the Tall Ship Festival at Fairport Harbor (east of Cleveland on the Lake), and I met Kalle and my friend and I toured the Draken. Kalle is delightful. His face lit up when I mentioned your name and said "Blipfoto," and he said,  "So now you are also one of the Blipfoto owners" to which I replied "Yes." I asked my friend to take a picture of me with Kalle, and that is today's extra photo. Tomorrow, when I have more time, I will post more pictures and information about the Draken on my blog.

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