Young Me

Connections started it with a photo of herself when young. Then Leiflife followed. I liked the idea so here am I, on the right my high school graduation photograph and on the left my college graduation photo. I was 17 and 21 respectively. How young that seems now. And I remember how I felt about how I looked then. After a chubby childhood I still did not have a very good self image. When I look at the photos now it makes me sad for my young self who did not know she was fine, even beautiful. Today the mirror shows me the signs of age and yet I see a beautiful woman. Isn't that strange? It seems your self image bears very little connection to the real view in the mirror. Not saying I'm not beautiful now, but just saying I looked pretty wonderful when young and had no idea at all. Sad really.

Today is a day of errands. Doing the wash. Doing some shopping. And ordering tickets for a few of the shows at the Mount Baker Theater next year. Not even sure Arvin will be able to go... but what the hey? I ordered them anyhow.

Oh and I had a long chat with my son who turns 47 today. I remember the day he was born. It was one of the best days of my life and I was walking on air for months afterwards. I was lucky to be awake when he was born since I had "natural" childbirth. No anesthetic and really nowhere near as bad as it seems on TV. (Is that too much information?) Anyhow it was a thrilling experience that I had hoped to do again for another kid or two but that never happened. 

So happy birthday Jason. I am so glad that you are my son and so proud of the thoughtful creative man you have become.

Again thank you all for your comments and visits to my 3000th blip. 

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