creative lenna

By creativelenna

Luna Reading??

Actually I think she was playing with my art journals, not doing any reading at all! She is such a beauty. I always thought she was all grey, but as you can probably see in this photo, she has a bunch of very subtle stripes!! I still think she must have Russian Blue in her lineage . . . we do not know because she was a rescue. Steve found a blip journal murgus when browsing & shared it with me -it's ALL about the author's 3 cats, who all look in some way like Luna -or vice versa! I often do a double-take when viewing the journal they are so similar to her in looks. I believe all three of those cats living in Finland are Russian Blue! 

Anyway, Luna is a ticket! Lightning is very happy for her companionship and we think he's in love with her ❤ Luna gets into a lot of things, runs around the house like crazy, "talks" a lot (ppprrrup!) is not a lap cat, but she is affectionate, and we are so glad she's joined us! 

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