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By creativelenna

collaborative art

I've been working on Letter Journals since April. Imagine a 8" x 4" handmade pamphlet-type journal made of thin paper, handstitched that is distributed through the mail between participants and everyone in the group makes one. Most groups I've been in have 4 people and some have had up to 6. The Letter Journals are sent around Round Robin style. There is a private group on Facebook (someone invited me) where the groups get organized and it's been great fun for me. The art is done collaboratively, meaning you might add to someone's page, or they might add to yours! 

This is a page from Fran's journal. I will be sending it home to her tomorrow, as I'm the last person in the group to work in this Letter Journal. This is more of a close-up shot and does not show the entire page, but most of the art was done before I got here. The pink and orange background, the face, perhaps on deli or tissue paper, the yellow printed background and the red stitching were already there. The page was not signed & dated so I knew I could add to it. I added the large & small circles and the strip of paper with the small circles punched out on the left. I also added charcoal pencil around the circles, over the features of the face and I drew wild grasses on the top left, then I smudged the charcoal. Lastly, I stamped the saying "Behind every successful woman is herself" and another stamped saying, off camera. I was happy with this . . . I did a bunch of other additions on other pages too as I knew I was the last to work in it. Fun! 

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