Too darn hot!

I hate these high temperatures that we're having - the highest they went today was 33°C when it was nearly 9:30 pm! I hope they won't last for much longer, not just for me but also for Rosie who must also feel warm wearing her fur coat. I put an old round marble table top of about 40 cm across on the floor that she can lie next to because the marble always feels cool, even when it's this hot.

Unfortunately I had to go out this afternoon to get something for my cold at the pharmacy and I also cycled to the supermarket for some new greens for Rosie that we don't have where I work. I would have gone in the morning before it became so hot, had I not been waiting for a parcel, which the postman apparently failed to deliver as I found a notice in my letterbox when I left at 4 pm! I had not left my living room from 9 am until then and could not possibly have missed hearing the doorbell if the postman had indeed rung it at 11:30 am like he claimed to have done on the notice! That means that I will now have to go to the post office to collect the parcel after work if I don't want to risk the same thing happening again should I have them deliver it a second time. When I was home again, I tried to register a complaint but their online form wanted me to give them information about the parcel that I didn't have, so I made up what I didn't know and told them in my complaint that they'd left me no choice as I couldn't get my complaint sent off otherwise. I apologise for the rant but I'm still so annoyed about it!

Hopefully my cold will start to get better soon because my head is now feeling painful when I have to cough and the heat is certainly not helping to improve it.

A big thank you for the kind comments, stars and heart on my Moorhen blip.

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