Billy, dreaming through the window..

from the garden with thanks to youoregon1 for Abstract Thursday!  I think he's dreaming its dinner time again, but he's just had it :)

Many thanks for all your lovely comments yesterday.  As you can see this bad lad is doing well (apart from keeping me awake all night by lying right next to me in this heat) :)

In other news what a day :(  

Work this morning which was OK, but then I went to the hospital for an appointment supposed to be with the Consultant to chat about an operation I don't want to have but was advised that I needed!  Guess what, no Consultant, different Registrar (whose English was not good :( )  I've ended up coming away with another scan appointment for 8 weeks, a blood test and another appointment in 8 weeks.  So P''''' off!  Its the first time I've ever had a problem with the NHS!

I was so fed up I went to Tesco Express on the way home to get some strawberries and chocolate.  Ended up not getting chocolate :)

Anyway, I was at the till paying and chatting about a recipe in the slimming world cookbook I was planning to try with the hot smoked salmon that was offer 

The cashier was interested and chatting back.  Then she said 'surely you don't need to slim!  You look lovely' :):)  

That really made my day :)

Came home and did some gardening before a light shower.  Then cooked said salmon which was delicious :)

Happy Thursday folks :) :) 

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