Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

From 49degC to 19!

Left Dubai early this morning and took a few pics as we got into the air. It looked like a very humid day so visibility was poor. 7 hours later and with plenty of sunshine for the most part (that's because I was above the clouds), I arrived over London to find visibility equally poor.

I DID manage to get a picture of the Olympic Park (woo hoo) pointed out by an excited passenger a few rows behind. I already had my camera at the ready. The windows first had ice, then just weren't clear, so apologies for the image.

Excited to be here, nice and warm. Its rained but I wasn't out in it AND by amazing coincidence, the UAE played Senegal at Football, and Pakistan beat Argentina in the Hockey! Fabulous!

I have also received a new camera; bought off the internet! More tomorrow...

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