Pictorial blethers

By blethers


One of these days when I was driven out to walk along the West Bay by the sheer necessity of getting off the desk chair and away from the computer and the decorator, so that I was driven to take photos of subjects I don't normally look at twice.

But actually I like this - the lurid green of the seaweed on the rocks, the dark brown of the bladderwrack, the green of the water, the line of eider ducks floating passively on a slight swell. I'm also happy that some of the pampas grass has crept into the foreground (or swayed into the foreground, if you like).

In the end I was so taken with this business of looking and listening that I made a short video at the same time, solely to hear the gentle plashing of the waves in the crannies below me. But nothing can replicate the intoxicating scent of the buddleia all along the shore ...

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