Behind the Wire

Nipped the bike into ThunderRoad (Honda Dealer) this morning for the chain to be tensioned again. It was done just about 2 or 3 months ago and I suspected it would need replacing as I have no idea how old it is. As the bike had only done 6,140 miles in it's previous 17 years of life it is more than likely the original chain. In the 18 months I've had the bike, or The Shadow as I call it (Honda Shadow VT750C2 ACE (American Classic Edition)), I've clocked an extra 4,410 taking the mileage to 10,550,
As expected the chain needs replacing as does the rear tyre. Booked in Wednesday for both as the labour will be combined rather than having to do it twice.

Apart from this it's been a busy day preparing for Luke's Birthday BBQ. Birthday is today but our tradition is to have the Sunday dinner of your choice for your birthday and he would like a BBQ with the nice bits that Marlane does to go with it.
Sunday dinner of our choice means I get to have pies once a year (twice if we do Fathers Day Sunday dinner too!).
There has been a lot of chopping of onions, tomatoes, parsley, spring onions, egg boiling (devilled eggs), new potato scraping, cake making, cabbage onion and carrots for coleslaw, cubing of chicken breasts for skewers, marinating of chicken thighs, legs and belly pork. Somethings have been bought, Burger, Lamb Kebabs and Sausage.
Phew, and now to relax!

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