Stair Rods and Thunder

Apologies for doing another weather one but after quite a nice sunny day I was out at Daniels car checking if it was easy to change a headlight bulb (it is by the way) when I heard a very loud rumbling above me. There was no lightning but the thunder rolled on for a few minutes and then the heavens just opened. The resulting stair rods photo was taken from the back door.

The reason I am checking Daniels car, Puegeot 207, is that they have departed for Alicante for 10 days and I'd taken them in their car due to the amount of people and the amount of luggage.
A motorbike or an MX-5 wouldn't take 5 people (Ok, the new grandson isn't born yet but he was with us) and the Alto would take the the people but not the baggage.
I'd noticed that the nearside headlight is not working for a while so thought I might as well fix it while they are away as the MOT is due in September.

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