Derelict Sunday - Water Tank

We're expecting the bathroom fitter to arrive tomorrow to update our bathroom. It seems that modern mixer showers require a higher water pressure than older ones, so we'll almost certainly need a pump on the shower feed. As this may result in greater water consumption (not ideal, but what can one do? - it'll still use less water than a bath) I popped up into the loft to check the total capacity of the cold water storage tanks which gravity-feed the hot water system (I think they'll be adequate).

About 15 years ago I had to replace one of the two tanks as it had rusted through and was starting to leak. I suspect it had been put there whilst the house was being built (112 years ago) as there's no way it would fit through the trapdoor - so I had just left it there at the time as it was doing no harm (I replaced it with 3 smaller tanks to save having to enlarge the trapdoor to get a big new one in.). "Aha!" I thought today, it would make a good Derelict Sunday blip. So here it is.

Then I realised that JanetHH, who's kindly looking after DS this month, had suggested "Human" as the topic for this week. The topics are optional, of course - but seeing the tank there made me think of the humans who built the house all those years ago - and those who worked in the factory which made the tank. I wonder what they were like. How much did they earn? How many hours a week did they work?  Did they ever have holidays? Where did they live themselves? What became of them? Did they fight/get injured/die in the First World War? Are any of their progeny alive to day? Did they expect the house still to be in good repair over 100 years later?

It's quite sobering to ponder on these things.

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