Hollyhock Macro

For Tiny Tuesday I was out in the garden early with tripod and macro lens. Even then the breeze was quite strong and with the high magnification of the lens, it was hard to check focus.  I found a spider too so added as an extra.

Very little sleep last night as we had a visit to the local A&E when John developed an erratic heart rate;  not the place I'd ever choose to spend a night although there were quite a few there who seemed to have done nothing more than hurt their ankle or shoulder! John had ECG and blood tests and by this time the heart rate was back to normal. Still, now everything will be checked thoroughly and he will be back to normal.

I think the parking charges at the hospital are outrageous and apply 24/7!  What if you really need to get into that hospital quickly, can't find somewhere to park (not a problem at one in the morning) and then are scrapping around for change for the machine?!  Surely an hour's free parking could be allowed - money making for someone though.

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