Grey Approaching Through Codlins And Cream

Our grey horsey friend trotted to greet Jazzy dog and me when we went beating the bounds this morning. :)

The great hairy willow herb is quite high on our side of the fence and its pink flowers can be seen out of focus in my pic. I have always known that the country name for this plant is codlins-and-cream but could never understand why. I had researched that a codling is an apple but for the life of me couldn't see the bright pink flowers representing a sour green apple, even when cooked, though the stigma and stamens could be the cream.

I've read today that the name comes from the smell of the plant when crushed. I've done the crush test and am not convinced. :( Also there's something else that puzzles me about this plant. It gives a weird sensation of cold when one brushes one's naked skin against it. I've been able to find no reference to this. Anyone else experienced it?

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