A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer

Food Nation

Backblip. We were looking for somewhere to eat with J this evening; passing the local pizzeria in search of something more interesting; and with a bigger veggie component to the menu.  We happened upon Harissa around the corner, and were rather glad to do so.  It's a Mediterranean restaurant.  

Apparently it's not been open long.  The food was excellent; much better than the equivalent restaurant we've used occasionally in Oxford.

What was also rather nice to learn was that it's a sister company to 'Food Nation', an organisation I'd not heard of before.  

Food Nation "..is a Social Enterprise, based in Newcastle upon Tyne, with a vision to inspire people about good food. We do this by providing practical and innovative food education activities for the general public, schools and businesses in Newcastle, Gateshead and the surrounding area." 

We'll be back.

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