More Rubbish

Here’s a cracker of a photo. Errr umm. No excuses, I know. There was a tall ship away at the end of middle pier y’see (you can see its mast...just) and I fully intended to go and have a neb (and get a photo) later. Except mysteriously it had gone. Or as we say, it had went. As mysteriously as it had come. I was out taking a step and some exercise at lunchtime at this point. Stepping about with my fellow trainer. Some places I hadn’t been to before. Some places only visible via AR. And I got two eggs which I shall now incubate!
But the big news of the day, which had been rumoured, was on Sky News, and then on the Beeb. What a lark. I’m sure we’ve been here before.
Later, a viewing of that doc about Ken Loach. I’m not an unqualified fan; there’s something unappealing about his need to stick to his black/white narrative which is basically that all that’s holding back the workers from making heaven on earth is those purporting to be their champions, but who are actually just selling them out. And some of his Irish stuff veers so far into the sentimental that it would either give you the heaves or make you laugh aloud. You may disagree of course.

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