Twenty twenty

The usual summertime weather - reasonable between the downpours. We decided late afternoon to brave the wind and rain and head to the Filmhouse to see the Beguiled. Very nicely done little film, with some well observed acting, I'd say. Though it's a gentle, slight story. Came out and bumped into Marky D who asked me if I'd just come out the film. I had! So had he. So we discussed it away, and although his reference to the big budget had me puzzled (maybe Nicole Kidman gets paid loads?) we agreed on much. Pdol then joined us and was introduced - and at that point it became clear that Marky had been in to see Dunkirk. Doh!
Onward - to the Diggeries and much chat. It seems that my three fellow cyclists have shelled out and bought lightweight seats to sit on rather than relying on the proper lightweight traditional approach - cross legged on an anorak. This is the first slippery downward step towards motorhomes, mark my words.
Home to discover that I'd taken delivery of three bottles of the reborn Leith Heavy. Although they're definitely collectors items, sadly I have to drink them and pass back comments. Tough gig, this retirement.

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