Paper Daisy

Flower Friday twist is 'paper'......
My flower is Paper Daisy, Rhodanthe anthemoides, an Australian native perennial daisy producing masses of pure-white, paper-like daisy flowers with yellow centres during late winter-spring. It is ever so dainty and pretty, especially during the cold days of winter.
I also had a go at adding a texture which I've added to my extras. I was hoping the end result would look a bit like a serviette. Not sure it's worked as I fluffed around with two different textures trying to get the size of the texture right and in the end my eyes were going cross-eyed.  I went with a grain effect in the end, something gentle and yet is there if you look carefully.
Thanks to BikerBear for hosting this lovely challenge which certainly gets my brain into gear!
No snow on 'flying's' doorstep, just blue sky with powerful clouds, I think this bad weather is going around us but boy it's freezing outside, 7C
Healthwise - better than yesterday, yay!!
Enjoy the weekend Blippers :)

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