Gotta catch 'em all!

Today I went in town after watching last nights' rugby between the team I dislike most and another I dislike almost as much (One particular guy aside...) There was a bit of "handbags" but the much hoped-for all out brawl did not ensue...A victory for the most disliked bunch does mean that the Warriors could move up into second place if they win tonight, so they may have unwittingly done us a favour!

Anyhow. In town I bought a couple of mundane bits and pieces and had my photos to get a passport redone. They are truly terrifying - talk about "resting bitch face" - I can't see any country allowing me entry after seeing that! 

The Farmers' market was on in town. I bought some fudge, but resisted these cupcakes. If Jae was up to eating cakes (Still struggling after more dental work yesterday) I may have treated him to one! They made me smile though!

Home now and I can relax until work at 3pm tomorrow afternoon.

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