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By freespiral

Causing havoc in Clon

The day did not start well with cat vomit in the conservatory, me treading in something even more unpleasant on the mat and heavy rain showers  but how it improved!

The sun came out and Finola and I sallied forth into the back hills behind Clonakilty (yes Michael, I thought of you!!) - you guessed it, in the search of some holy wells. First stop - a climb over a dodgy gate into a ploughed field where a magnificent stone sat, complete with over 40 cup marks. Finola was in heaven, busily photographing ever inch and using her very clever app to work out how it was aligned - was it the Winter Solstice, F?
Next stop Castleventry - small road, huge views and a handy pull-in spot. Seán was there, amazed to have company. What a delightful man. Local, related to local hero Donovan o Rossa and a well enthusiast. He was renovating it, making a little well house and generally tidying up the area. We carried on up the road where there was an old church in the most colossal ringfort in the shadow of wind turbines!

Next stop Clasharusheena. Even smaller roads and a jungle of undergrowth. The well kit was unveiled, the loppers and gloves applied. We found a huge pipe made into a well but behind it was the real thing almost entirely concealed. I emerged triumphant but bleeding some time later.

Next stop Kilbree. We weren't entirely sure we were in the right place and no one was at home on the farm. We had a little explore and I trod in the largest, smelliest cowpat known to man. We fell apart and I had to wash my foot, still with sandal on it, in  a nearby trough. And we didn't find the well.

Lunch in Clonailty but I was a bit aware of a rather nasty pong emanating from my left foot. Further fortified with ice creams we then set off to Templebryan. We parked and inquired at the nearby farm. The little well looked a bit forlorn and messed around with but up on the hill was an old ecclesiastical enclosure complete with all sorts of interesting bits and pieces. We had to venture through a field with some very frisky horses - F was firm and I hid behind her. Below lay a stone circle which we also had to explore. Emerging we met Danny who was  much amused by us and then thrilled to discover that F was the sister of a well known columnist who had recently written a very favourable article on the delights of West Cork. He was passionate about the stone circle and invited us in to see some photos. I have some girls with me he informed his wife J. What a delightful couple. The photos were astonishing too, taken at the winter solstice with the sun light streaming through the stones onto the central stone.
What a magnificent day, the lovely people we met almost as good as the monuments,
Tomorrow I am doing nothing!!

And Himself has made it! He staggered into Inverness early this evening having done a magnificent 19 miles today, and he can still walk - just!

And the photo is of a little deserted lodge house we just happened upon when we ended up in a the wrong road. A beauty.
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